Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Up in the Air" and the Value of Community

While readying the posts that Lauren and Becky offered this week, I reflected on how life-giving my own relationships are, and how abundantly I am sustained by gathering together. My understanding of faith is fortified by the time I spend in community with others. This week I stumbled upon a review of "Up in the Air" in America magazine. I wholeheartedly loved this film, so I read on to gain some insight into the meaning that Catholic Digest correspondent John McCarthy drew from the flick. No spoilers, I assure you.

Once I got past the distraction of one Mr. Clooney's dashing good looks, I came to appreciate the truths that this dramedy points out about our lives. How easy it can be to be lured in by independence and not being tied down to the point where we find ourselves isolated and out of touch with that which breathes life into us: our relationships. McCarthy articulates nicely how Ryan Bingham's growth moves him to value relationships and community. Check it out.

-Mary Ellen M.

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