Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Keeping Holy in 2009

What better way to kick off a new year than with Mass at St. Teresa of Avila? This popular Charis Ministries event occurs three times each year. On January 8, nearly 20 young adults gathered to celebrate the Eucharist and share in the post-holiday joy with friends new and old!

The readings revolved around the Spirit of the Lord being upon us, and Fr. Michael's homily spoke to nurturing that spirit through the development of "7 Holy Habits for a Happier New Year." Below are the habits and some reflections shared during the homily and afterwards with other young adults:

1. Practice writing Thanksgiving: Tell people you're thankful for their presence in your life or the work they do. Make a mental list of the things you're grateful for in a given day or week. Develop an attitude of gratitude!

2. Practice holy nostalgia: Look at your life without feelings of guilt or regret. Focus on times when you felt loved and genuine happiness.

3. Practice forgiveness: Having an attitude of gratitude helps us to recognize the need for healing and compels us to share love.

4. Practice virtue: Invest in the goodness in ourselves, others, and the world.

5. Practice health: Take care of yourself and have respect for the gift of your body.

6. Picture your 100th Birthday: What will your be proud of when you look back on your life?

7. Picture God smiling at you: Behold God delighting in you - he likes and loves you and wants to be your friend. Embrace that acceptance and friendship.

May you all have a blessed 2009!