Thursday, February 4, 2010

Are we willing to profess our beliefs in front of millions?

If you don't follow a lot of football, you may not have noticed the controversy around a planned ad during Sunday's Super Bowl. The ad is titled "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life" and is about Heisman trophy, National Championship winning quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother's decision not to choose an abortion while contracting a tropical ailment while pregnant with him.

While the ad apparently never mentions abortion, it has drawn criticism from pro-abortion groups. I certainly expect to hear a show of support from the pro-life folks that I know, but the ad and its message have gotten a show of support from an unlikely place--Sally Jenkins, a pro-choice sports columnist for the Washington Post. Check out her article. She has some great things to say, not only about this issue, but about sports figures as role models and what we should be celebrating in Tebow's life and choices. Tim Tebow is obviously not afraid to speak out for his beliefs, even if they are counter-cultural. How willing are we to speak out for our faith and what we believe?

~Lauren G

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