Monday, May 10, 2010

For the Least of our Brothers and Sisters

This weekend, I had the privilege of being on the For the Least retreat with three dozen young adults who are passionate about promoting peace and justice. Our team gave some wonderful reflections on their experiences of working toward justice. Kyle talked about his growing concern for the environment as God's creation and the choices that he, and we, can make to be better stewards of the earth. Steve told of the ways that God has been knocking at his heart throughout his life and how he was finally able to answer the call to become a social worker for those with mental illnesses. Kate spoke about her work with refugees from Bhutan, Burma and Iraq and the challenges that come with resettling these groups. Megan talked about her experiences working with abandoned children in India and teaching kids in rural North Carolina and sent us forth to answer the question "What are we doing in God's name?". Our keynote presenter, Jonathan Currie, spoke about his job at Interfaith Worker Justice and the work that the organization does to prevent wage theft and other injustices against workers.

In listening to these inspiring young adults share their passions and gifts, I found myself reflecting on my own "growing edge" (as Kyle put it). I will probably never go to India like Megan. I know that I am not called to work in refugee resettlement. But what is it that I can do in my life that brings me more into solidarity with the least of my brothers and sisters? What is it that you can do?

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