Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Have you ever been trucking along doing what you are called to do and then be overwhelmed by doubt? I know I have. I always hate it when this happens. I suddenly find myself questioning every decision I have ever made. I know, Chris, my hubby, will read this and laugh because sometimes when I have moments of doubt they can get rather extreme-- I doubt my abilities as a mom, as a wife, as a lay minister in the church, as a blogger, as a gardener, as a friend, and on and on.

These moments of doubt sometimes sweep into our lives from out of nowhere. We suddenly find ourselves overwhelmed with questions and fears. We question is this doubt from God? Or is this doubt not from God? There have been many times in my life when a moment of doubt came that I started trying to change decisions I have made or make new decisions. This never tends to work in my favor though. When I try to make decisions in a period of doubt they are never sound decisions! They are typically emotional decisions I have made out of fear or uncertainty.

When doubt comes these days, I have learned to do two things. First, wait it out and make no decisions. This period of doubt always passes. Second, and most importantly, I bring all of my doubts to prayer. I find through prayer, consolation will eventually come. Through prayer, I will be reaffirmed as to the direction I am heading in or I will be nudged into a new direction. This is one of the great tools I have learned from Ignatian Spirituality.

Prayer roots our discernment in God and frees us from our doubts so we can be the beloved daughters and sons of God we already are. Prayer reminds us that we are undoubtedly loved by God, and that, rather than doubt, is something worth clinging too!

How do we overcome doubt in our lives?
Do we allow God to help us overcome our doubt?
Do we need to sit with God and be reminded of God's unconditional love for us?

~Becky E.

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