Thursday, September 17, 2009

Continuing the dialogue

For those who were interested in the debate on whether President Obama should have been invited to speak and receive an honorary degree at Notre Dame, here is some follow-up from Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins, CSC.

His letter references the welcome speech he gave before Obama spoke. Check his speech out on YouTube.

It's great to continue the discussion and look for ways that we can promote the dignity of life at all phases.
-Lauren G

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Anonymous said...

I'm all for dialogue but there has to be a line drawn and the bishop's have drawn that line. Fr. Jenkins was also asked by his superiors to disinvite Obama and not confer an honorary degree. He refused to obey his superiors and the bishops. Thi s is the controversy that surrounds him. Religious order priests unlike diocesean priests take vows of poverty, chastity and obiedience. Father Jenkins violated one of these vows. Also the Catholic bishops have the power of the Universities in their diocese that label themselves Catholic. The bishops can remove the catholic label from them.