Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Saw Jesus Everywhere I Turned

The Lord was everywhere on Charis Ministries' Habitat for Humanity Service Trip to Pontotoc, Mississippi last week. I saw Jesus' face in the smiles of the people who greeted us like family instead of strangers. They are people who don't have much in material or personal wealth, but are rich in Christian kindness. I saw Jesus' heart in the 12 amazing Charis volunteers I worked alongside in the blazing Mississippi sun. I saw Jesus' soul in Habitat Pontotoc's Barbara and Wayne Carter and Keith and Linda Thomas. They are people who live their lives by God's simple creed: Love Thy Neighbor.

In an imperfect world gripped by a crippling recession where so many people today are struggling to provide for their families, battling illness, depression, hopelessness and are just summoning up the strength to make it through each day, I saw what a perfect Christian community is. I felt the power of God's love in so many ways. I saw Heaven in the real world in Pontotoc. And I was reminded how we each can be a symbol of Jesus' love to every one we know and everyone we meet. His love is inside us all.

-Clete C.

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