Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jesus was a great eater

On Sunday evening, I attended a Theology on Tap talk at Old St. Pat's. Fr. Ed Foley, a Capuchin priest and professor at CTU gave a great talk called Which Jesus Table? Starting Points Make a Difference. In it, he invited us to look at the Eucharist from the perspective of Jesus' table ministry rather than simply by beginning with the Last Supper. In that light, the Last Supper, and the Eucharistic liturgy that we celebrate today, are a continuation of Jesus' building up of community by eating and drinking with all sorts of people.

Jesus ate and drank with sinners and outcasts, with Jews and Gentiles, with men, women and children, with the rich and the poor. Meals for Jesus were a time to welcome people and to bring them together to be with him and one another.

We often go to Mass as a time for personal prayer and to be left alone. We may go in not knowing anyone else, and leave knowing the same number. But if we are to truly embrace Jesus' idea of Eucharist, and the importance of gathering together as a community around the table, what must we do to create and be part of a welcoming community. How are we called to be part of this Body of Christ?


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