Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sunday Nights

Most people dread Sunday night because it means the weekend is ending. I however have been looking forward to my Sunday nights for the last several weeks. No, it is not the new episodes of Desperate House Wives or the break in the Lenten fast that Sundays provide; I look forward to Sunday nights because I am part of a small faith-sharing group through Charis Ministries held at St. Andrew’s Parish.

Each week I attend the 5:30 Mass at St. Andrew’s, my home parish, and then have a few minutes to reflect on the Mass before joining my group. Our group structure is based on a format provided by Charis Ministries but led by the Holy Sprit. People come to share their struggles, bring new perspective to the group and discuss where they are at on their journey of Faith. When a member shares their struggles it allows the others a chance to pray for that individual and offers insight to one’s own life. While we may not know each other outside the group and are all coming from different backgrounds, it is amazing how closely connected you can feel to others when you have come together in Christ.

I leave the prayer groups pumped up for my coming week and have new thoughts and prayers floating in my head, I love hearing how other people are doing on their journey of faith and having the opportunity to share my own journey.

- Tina F.

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