Friday, March 6, 2009

Charis Ministries Cross-Listed

Isn't technology wonderful?

On February 19th our friend and buddy Mike Hayes from joined us as the next speaker in our Living Ignatian Series. In fact, Mike is so talented that he posted a portion of his talk on his blog, Googling God. Take a peek.

"Finding God in the Crossroads" is how we titled Mike's talk. Where is God when we face decisions? How can we hear where God is leading us? Can we be honest with ourselves about what drives us, what we're capable of, and where we're willing to go? Mike walked us through the path he ended up on that led to BustedHalo, along with all the successes and pitfalls. We hope to get all of Mike's presentation available to you, and we'll let you know how that goes. (This presentation one again confirmed that my personal calling does NOT involve being good with technology.)

That may be trite, but little bits of knowledge about ourselves can lead to great things - and as the Jesuits will tell you, for the greater glory of God!

- Lauren B.

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