Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So, what do mainstream movies have to do with our faith?

I hear this question on a regular basis when I tell people that my husband and I talk on Spiritual Popcorn: Finding Jesus in your favorite movies. Frequently as a teen I was hearing the Lord speak to me through TV shows, music, and movies. It wasn’t until I met my husband Paul that I realized that this was real communication directed to me from our Lord to guide me and help me along my journey through life. He, the Lord, talks to us so clearly through Christmas Movies, from the Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, to Miracle on 34th street, and the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. We have been journeying through Advent for the past couple of months preparing for this wonderful Advent Day of Reflection and I am looking forward to walking with you through this day of slowing down to reflect. To reflect on what the Lord has been telling us throughout our life through the movies and images around us. He loves us and is finding every avenue to talk to us and show us that love. Join us as we wait and reflect on our favorite Christmas movies.

-Sarah J.

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